We are a Società Benefit in Italy and we will be B-Corp certified

Over the past few years, Italyscape has undergone numerous transformations and experienced constant growth, allowing us to significantly expand our workforce and achieve stunning results. We are aware that such development has come about thanks to the society and environment in which we operate. For us, these aspects are of untold value, to be respected and preserved. This is why in 2021 we began the transformation process that will lead us to become a Benefit Corporation.

Why B-Corp certification?

B-Corp is a voluntary official certification issued by B-Lab, a nonprofit network which aims to transform the global economy for the benefit of all people, communities, and the entire planet. 

Becoming a B-Corp business means:

  • Integrating our by-laws to create a positive impact on society and the biosphere 
  • Being aware of and monitoring the impact generated by our activities
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Sharing best practices, goals, and achievements
  • Inspiring travelers and suppliers to join us on a resilient and regenerative pathway to the future

Becoming a B-Corp business means:

Positive impact

Going beyond a profit-driven mindset, to create a positive impact.


Being aware and monitoring the impacts generated from our activities.


Inspiring travelers and suppliers to join us towards a resilient path.


Identifying opportunities for to provide a better travel experience.


Sharing best practices, goals, and achievements.

Our commitment

We aim to provide high-quality travel services, reduce the negative impact of tourism, and generate beneficial effects on the environment and society in which we operate.

At the same time, we wish to be perfectly transparent regarding both the risks and opportunities we face, in order to furnish stakeholders with a greater understanding of our performance beyond purely economic results.

Supporting meaningful projects

On our path of giving back to our environment and community, we are honored to support two meaningful projects, in which we deeply believe, both as a company and as individuals:

  • FAI (Italian National Trust) which we support through our participation in the Corporate Golden Donor program. This project addresses a significant cultural challenge by rescuing important historical, artistic, and scenic locations from neglect, restoring them, and opening them to the public. In doing so, it fosters awareness and responsibility for the preservation of art and nature.
  • ITALIAN GLOBAL HEALTH ACTION, which is dedicated to reducing social inequalities, improving quality of life through scientific research and health innovation, and promoting global health through awareness campaigns.

    Loghi FAI e IGHA