Spellbound by the bay of Taormina

A dreamlike setting indeed provided by the Bay of Taormina, the village lights and the picturesque cliff known as Uncle Gennaro.

We set up tables for the gala dinner on floating platforms, to which the guests were ferried in by fishing boats.

To go beyond the fine line that separates the excellent from the unforgettable, we created a nature-themed show, shining a spotlight on the power and fragility of Mother Nature. The sea, primordial natural element par excellence, was the perfect setting. Performing artists danced on tall stilts, amazing guests with their high-flying numbers, with soundtrack provided by Vangelis, Kitarō, Ravi Shankar and Rocco Vittorio Macrì, who composed original pieces for this performance.

We succeeded in striking the perfect musicality by combining a gourmet Sicilian dinner, the dance show and the company’s communications.

The evening ended with a jaw-dropping fireworks display that lit up the bay, courtesy of a family-owned pyrotechnics firm, winner of several international awards.

As always, our trademark excellence was the key to it all.