Biennale in Venice

Creating exclusiveness in the most worldly of scenes

Venice, synonymous with exclusiveness, is even more stunning in Biennale season. Any company that seeks to associate its image with sophistication and beauty couldn’t find a more suitable backdrop.

Escapade created a series of events for the most important clients of a leading banking and financial institution. When working at such high levels, it’s crucial to realize that true luxury is living authentic, exceptional experiences. The kind of luxury that can’t be bought, but only offered. The result of intense study, research and perfecting. Two years of work come down to what unfolds in a handful of days.  

The whole point of this Venetian escape wasn’t the Biennale, but Venice and its Biennale. 

Our job was to select and highlight the events and places most suited to communicating our client’s strengths in terms of authenticity and tradition, along with a firm commitment to the future.

For this event, we chose a charming palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal, with a discreet private garden. Distant from the gaudy displays of luxury, surrounded by the authentic refinement, its few rooms were all wonderfully diverse. A Michelin-starred chef pampered guests’ palates.

We organized appointments at the Biennale and with participating local artists far from the crowds, in an atmosphere that was conducive to enriching exchanges. Guests experienced their own Biennale, their own Venice.