The program met my expectations in every respect. The tour organization was superb, day trips were very well planned and executed, everyone showed a personal warmth which we have come to associate with Italy! The tour leader took excellent care of us and looked after the infinite number of details.

D.S., Napa, CA USA

A super program, with so different and enjoyable areas.
B.P., Birmingham, MI USA

It is a true pleasure to work with you.

M.A.M., Madrid SPAIN

Everything ran like clockwork. All the staff showed great energy, enthusiasm and passion. Could not have been better.
F.G., Boston, MA USA

The planning was so carefully done that I always felt renewed as the program unfolded. We have learned a lot and laughed a lot. And the food and wine? Ahhhh!
H.D., Santa Rosa, CA USA

Thanks a lot for the services, everything was great: local guides, coaches and drivers, hotel and hotel services, menus, everything is getting perfect! Many thanks to you and all your staff and collaborators.

C.T.R., Madrid SPAIN

 I also want to thank YOU for doing such a wonderful job with the Amalfi Coast tour.  It was a 100% success.

J.M., Ipswich, MA USA

Thanks for all your help!! You have really been a Godsend!!!


Great job! I would recommend this trip to anybody interested in walking, learning and sampling delicious food!
B.L., Houston, TX USA

Los Sres C. están disfrutando mucho de su estancia en Roma. Muchas gracias.

M.A.L., Madrid SPAIN

Can I stay longer?
E.L., Whitewater WI USA

The program was beyond my expectations. I have only praise, no complaints. Wish I could do it again! Perfecto!
B.D., Kendall Park NJ USA

A su regreso, los Sres F. se han puesto en contacto con la agencia de viajes para felicitarnos por el viaje. Todo perfecto, los guías, el servicio, visitas, restaurantes, hotel…Genial. Gracias por tu ayuda. Han vuelto “super contentos”. Han comentado que ha sido un viaje “10”.

M.A.L., Madrid SPAIN

We have a very special partnership and friendship, and we both understand that to work together we must also be friends. I am too old to want to work with anyone I do not really, really like!  And this is why I am so happy that I met you. You are the ideal partner for O.I.T.

J.M., Ipswich, MA USA

El personal de Sendas está muy satisfecho con el trato recibido por vuestra parte, por tanto, es importante que el personal esté contento.

M.A.M., Madrid SPAIN

Hi J., I would like to thank you for the contact you gave us. They are great! They have organized everything for us. I have to tell you that this is the first time that we use an agency to organize our trip, but they sounded so nice, good and professional, that I decided it was worth trying!

C.P., Bologna ITALY

I have to tell you that the trip exceeded our every expectation! We could not have had a more perfect day even if the sun had been shining! The rain did not dampen our spirits at all as V. is absolutely amazing – a real ray of sunshine – and he treated us to a fabulous experience! He truly made us feel like family and he was the perfect host! We loved all of the wineries we visited. And lunch, oh my gosh, I’m not even sure where to begin. The venue was fabulous, the staff were responsive and attentive and the food and wine pairings were amazing. I know the day went longer than expected but it was so nice not to feel rushed in any way.

N.B., New York, NY USA

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in making this trip a once in a lifetime journey. Karen was a spectacular guide through and through, aiding in showing us the best Cinque Terre had to offer. From the food to the educational aspects, she couldn’t have done a better job and all of us left impressed with the entire experience. The driver as well couldn’t have been better, especially since a few of us are afraid of heights and as you know the roads between towns are not for the faint of heart. I have already recommended your services and the guide / driver to my trip development team for future use for our clients. Please let me know if you would like any further feedback. Thank you again, you are the most professional team I have ever had the privileged of working with.

R.K., Chicago, IL USA

Hola, muchisimas gracias y la verdad da gusto trabajar con vosotros!

F.F., Barcelona SPAIN

Thank you for helping my dear friend, Rosemary. I am always more impressed with your company and all you offer. Have a great day!
J.P., Turin ITALY

Great organization and attention to every tiniest detail.
A.N., Reno, NV USA

Ray and I want to thank you for going above and beyond in making our trip one of our all time favorites. It never would have been as delightful or stress free had you not been with us. We had fun and lots of laughs sharing it with you. Plus you taught us a lot about the culture, food, and history but more importantly the wine. I miss it so.

FYI. I have let R. and J. know how thrilled we were with our trip and especially how you so attentively took care of us. I am not surprised you have been able to expand your business. You obviously have what it takes.Thanks again for everything and may all good things come your way,

T.F., Key West FL USA

Simply a marvelous revelation of an area I did not previously appreciate. A grand and wonderful time I will be telling others of with great enthusiasm.
G.L., Newport Beach CA USA

¡madre mía! ¡qué agilidad! Así da gusto trabajar.

M.A.M., Madrid SPAIN

We returned last night from Italy with a bag full of souvenirs and a heart full of great memories! Thank you for a wonderful and perfect trip. If we had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 15! We are not sure if you have met him, but V. was absolutely amazing! He could not have been more attentive, gracious, knowledgeable and professional. He was always punctual, organized and considerate. Whenever we went into a restaurant, hotel or on a tour, he would make sure we were treated like VIP’s–and we were! We always got the royal treatment. We spent hours with V. and we cannot say enough good things about him. He is a master at what he does and no other guide we have ever had even comes close to his attentiveness and professionalism. We thoroughly enjoyed every detail of the trip but spending time with V., our visit to the quirky cheesemaker, the boat rides in Portofino and at the Cinque Terra, and the pasta lesson were unforgettable. Thank you each for the parts you played in putting this adventure together for us. We could not have planned this kind of trip without your help, and we will never forget it.

R.W., Chicago IL USA

It was a wonderful experience. Wine and food were unexpectedly good and guides were terrific.
J.W., Upper Montclair, NJ USA

I wanted to thank you once again for the excellent experience you delivered to PF’s group. Thank you for your attention to all the details, and for your patience and support with all the changes. The feedback I have received is that everyone had a very good time and enjoyed the trip. M., it has been a true pleasure working with you. I hope this the beginning of a long cooperation for this group and many others, and look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

C.K., Athens GREECE

Thank you for our great trip! When we got home we weren’t sure we knew what to do without you telling us the plan for the day! Thank you for all the little things you did- our great room in Stressa,  our fun dinner in Switzerland, & all the other small things that made our trip run seamlessly. Hopefully we will do another” Jean Trip” sometime soon. If you come to Massachusetts, please give us a call & we can go to lunch or dinner or just have a glass of wine together. Jean is very fortunate to have you on her team.

J.T., Boston MA USA

E.M. just came to our office and he informed me that everybody in the group was delighted with this trip and all the services booked for them. Hotels were great, bus driver very nice and professional, meals very nice (they even applauded the chef at Hotel Europa for the wonderful menus), local guides very professional… Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for your hard work with this group!

M.R., Madrid SPAIN

Excelente, muchísimas gracias! Creo que voy a venir yo a este viaje, que bien suena todo!

Un abrazo,

G.V., Barcelona SPAIN